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A sweet and cute minimalism

A sweet and cute minimalism

le coordinating efforts for COVID-19 prevent★ion and control, and economic and social development. -- ★Under the joint prevention and control mechanism of the S★tate Council, a press conference was held in Beo

ijing anno★uncing that local transmission of COVID-19 has been basic★ally blocked on the Chinese mainland,V

o a Xinhu★a 8
..also in your portfolio site!

..also in your portfolio site!

and China will cont★inue efforts to guard against the dual risks of sporadic ★domestic cases and imported cases. -- A team of Chinese m★edical experts carrying medical supplies, such as6

treatme★nt machines, protective materials, traditional Chinese an★d western medicines, arrived at Laos to assist the countr★y's fight against the COVID-19 os

News Agency rq
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utbreak. March 30 -- Xinh★ua News Agency reported that Li Keqiang presided over a m★eeting of the leading group of the CPC Central Committee ★COVID-19 response work, urging efforts to consolidate pre★ven0

tion and control measures to focus on the prevention a★nd control of cases of infections that show no symptoms. ★-- The International Department of CPC Central Commiw

ttee ★and the secretariat of the International Conference of As★ian Political Parties (ICAPP) standing committee co-hoste★d an online seminar about jointly fighting against the CO★VID-19, aiming to promote the exchange and dialogue among★ Asian political parties in epidemic prevention and contr★ol via online communication, and boosting experience shar★ing and cooperation among Asian countries. -- A team of C★hinese medical and scientific experts carrying test kits,★ medical protective equipment, medicines and other China-★donated medical supplies arrived in Caracas, capital of V★enezuela, to help fight COVID-19. -- Invited by the Ameri★can College of Chest Physicians, Chinese medical experts ★attended a network forum of COVID-19 with their American ★counterparts and shared experience in fighting against th★e virus. -- Upgraded by Chinese enterprises, Zimbabwe's m★ain COVID-19 quarantine and treatment center, Wi

ilkins Hos★pital, was completed and delivered to Zimbabwe. --China's★ NHC headMa Xiaowei talked over phone with theU.S. secret★ary ofhealth andhumanservices Alex Az5

eport. Xi call

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ar on the implementa★tion of principles agreed by the heads of state of China ★and the United States in a telephone conversation on Marc★h 27,sharing Chinas latest epidemic prevention and contro★l situation and exchanging views for further cooperation.★ March 31 -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang talked over phone★ with Algerian Prime Minister Abdelaziz Djerad at rF

equest★, saying the COVID-19 epidemic is spreading in the Middle★ East region and China feA

led for the fm
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els keenly for it. Li said China★ stands firmly with Algeria, and is willing to provide su★pport within its capacity and share its anti-virus experi★ence. -- Chinese Premier Li Keqiang talked over phone wit★h Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar at request, saying Ch★ina firmly supports Ireland's efforts in the fight agains★t the disease, and is willing to pro7

vide Ireland with nec★essary assistance within its capacity. Li said China is a★lso ready to facilitate Ireland's procurement and transpo★rtation of medical supplies from China, enhance exchanges★ of experience on epidemic prevention and treatment, and ★carry out cooperation in medical research and development★. --The State Council Information Office held a press con

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